When they curve you

Ask yourself, what you did or didn’t do? then laugh

for there is humor worth having and a life worth enjoying

beyond the 5.5 and 13.3 inches in your hands and lap^


For one, think about how much you saved

Both the money in the bank and time you didn’t misspend

All the digital Double Dutching you will skip out of

All those poems you can pour yourself into

Then mix nutty things in like a carrot cake by VC Park


Think about all the stored energy for the thing you longed to do

All the model boats, games and trains you can now finish

Your crocheting and customizing that needs polishing,

The Dj-ing and producing that need dedicated ears and hands

The self-development class you’ve been wanting to take

The painting that needs your wine induced brushing


Think about all the untouched pages you can comb through now

All the hours to spend selectively sifting through volumes

graphic novels, Street Dreams magazine and scholarly articles


Think about all the travel you can do again

All the things you will see and experience with local peers

All that times you hoped to finally return Japan’s^^ call

To think you almost thought to disconnect your phone


Think about the job you didn’t have to put work into

All the unappreciated effort for undervalued things over extended hours

The micromanagement & microaggression you exhaled profusely about in the bathroom

The hope pressed against the ceiling too close and too late for you to see

The wondering whether taking a slippery leap, is worse than sticking around for a check


Think about all the false friendship you almost made

The ones you would seek to move within platonic boundaries

That would benefit the most from your doubts

That would tectonically shift and tecktonikally dance* around you without a care


Think about all the food places you were about to give up

All the groceries that you would’ve purchased for special occasions

Those thankless vegan meals you don’t have to cook for two

Those dishes no-one else volunteered to clean

The less than whole food chicken you ate one too many times

When you settled for the head and denied your body


Think about all the uneven thinking you don’t have to do

All the cringy gift-giving gestures you don’t have to dismiss

The exceptions to the rules you don’t have to make because

you will no longer be taking your glasses off, when tallying your self-worth


Think about all the arguments you avoid

All the dramatic non-sense and their toll,

the plan B’s you didn’t have to buy

Or the guilt for making her take one,

knowing what it does to her body,  knowing what it does to your soul


Think about all the doubt that never really left

but you suppressed from the beginning

All the questions on whether s/he’s the one and why

All that time you eagerly submitted

like this was a test you thought you did good on

Like this was a Muh-Muh-Ah match that you didn’t care to win


And while you think of all of this

Remember there is more than the things you avoid

Think that even when Andy** dealt his 2nd nastiest pitch

Someone would hit the next one out the park

So, remember when they curve you

Shrug it off, switch your stance

dig deep in that plate,

ready your next swing

be you, be great!





^ Average 2018 smartphone and laptop screen sizes

^^Because Japan is awesome, but insert the travel destination you hope to visit

*No offence meant to all Tecktonik lovers, I actually think it’s pretty dope.  Merci French friends for the intro 😀

** Any Pettitte, #46, NY Yankees, enough said 😀 



For the carnal fullness of autumn’s kiss

Esperanza labors her back out

eschewing the rest that reason brings in

Ignoring truth in her mid-sections clout


Descending voices were pens with no points in her enchanted story


Where glimmering gems volley warmly across the deep

See her in rough grounds with delicate nose steady

reach of untethered foraging hands, Hope’s two

Unearthing decade-old treasures from dirt


Yet months and not years had passed 

No matter, the moment had come

But could the shine escaping this rodiei wood chest

Promise more than the sum of it’s chemical parts?


In-parting lock and lid a bittersweet reveal

Bonded  flesh, mind, and feeling bottled crack

Right through which this romance was fleeting

but left was the familiar essense of curve in back


wafting in place like cold surface air on an unwelcoming joint^


With question abound in the wake of a scentless nape,

the empty plates, and soil ending under nails remain

Thankful for, that which is, for her

is meant to be in her favor

Life works in mysterious ways 



Esperanza (Esp) :: Hope (Eng)

^Cold Shoulder

Message in a bottle 2: La Gracia del Otoño

“Gird up thy loins now like a man”

Thundered a voice from the whirlwind

Pace yourself with your words for your counsel is without knowledge

Forward your steps in thy presence

Presents, I will not accept

behold for I am the gift maker of statues of living clay

My wrath kindled against them

Dust is of them delivered

And what of thy faith?

“Gird up now thy loins like a man and I will demand of thee”

Once have you spoken?

But thou arms are not like mines

Are you more just-then-in?

Avoid showers of iniquities

Stay inside these 3 days of pour

What befell upon you was a result of wages to boastful for thy mention

“Gird up thy loins now like a man” no more

Let it be known what assuages your grief will be lifted

3 Cycles will also be prevented

In the end

I’ll double all that I have taken**

In the end

to my leg you will fasten


Excerpts from The Book of Job , King James Version

JOB 40:7-8

JOB 38: 3

JOB 40:7-8

**or you’re missing depending on intepretation

The older gentleman on his fiets

With the backpack for cross-country hitchhiking

His satchels and the basket full of excellent things

that kept him steady while the years made him wobbly

While he rode alongside the tram

With the sturdiest smile on his face

As he rode his fiets

To the sunny center


fiets: is the Dutch word for bicycle/bike