I sighed relieved by pocket lint
Best to be spending
stand steadily
planted in place 
By choice 
Than be displaced
swept up by the lucrative swell
of this inevitable wave
Extending up from the southern bush, the bridge
the origins of this foreign catalyst from out of state
Familiar airs but not always the same
But seldom are extremes helpful,
Affluence is not the dirtiest word
not the char in the monochrome spectrum
Especially if more green is used for our shared garden
Especially if more is invested in clean water
to rinse the sanguine earth for everyone who's mined here
But if the jewels that are surfaced then on
are only for the hands of a novel few to keep
Then know that when they effortlessly gloat, gleam and sparkle
Its because they are rich in the most tangible immoral minerals
And that is a dire set of fotos
when that poverty has a long exposure
without the flash
Highlighting those underserved structures
without the cash
showing a particular stress on the frame
but also those talents who juggle the struggle
That piece the meal through their honest hustle
Know that your pictures
are also deeply rich in detail
your character's resilient fatigues captured
In the golden ratio
Know that our spiritual health is strong
Our history reflected
in the passing of beams
Our lumen glow in the yonder
breaks from vehicles streak
Connote a wider aperture
There's more depth to this field
from which to grow new plants
More hands to carve from mud
More sun and time to craft
mounds to stand and pitch
Advocate for more than lint
Have control
For a better future of different shades

FontCandy (29)

Fear not savory Países Bajos

you were not a notch on my bedpost

nor the bed on which to lay,

you, the name sake the same

Full of potential space to grow and make mistakes

In the caring paradise of your submerged marine terrains

The home to these navigating fins,

For the better part of 2 years

To it, this I gave before

resurfacing the Rivers Hudson & Bronx again


You commissioned a fortifying set of bridges

on which to reach an apex,

with little flex

Perhaps it was I who lost my way a bit

misinterpreted things in the cool air

When things were good, we were as well,

When the work had ceased

my finances tightened

A knot on a docked boat enticed by the seas

I took our glories and low maintenance attitude

The tough times assuaged by your kindness

to mean

we would never punctuate

this run on sentence we co-penned

That our friendship could uphold with generosity and understanding

perhaps I erred and took you for granted

Took our break and talk of let’s be amicable,

let’s just as per usual friends

to mean I could

ethically non-monogamously

explore other shapely lands

I placed my fingers end

To bumps of brail meaning

“that one night with your English neighbor

would be a non-issue”

That I could come jump back to the warmth of

The most uneven bed

and the curious poses of an ever-present feline friend

who welcomed my foreign sensibilities


Perhaps I should have left things

while they were still good but Id’ be wrong if I had

For some of the best times came when 12 struck on 12

Bringing balance to the mess

that was the 2016 oude jaar dag

Perhaps things would have been different had I not pressed on

confidently moving on your Irish cousin

A move I foreshadowed in my gestures and spending weeks before

A move that would cost more than those Euros converted to lbs

Though certainly her sites were intriguing,

they could not have held a lekker drop to your candles wick

But by then it was too late,

you had changed the locks to your door

You had asked security to the gate,

Though familiar and kind they were

I was set aside non-book

paperless with unknown intentions

I couldn’t even have others speak on my behalf

Those who wanted to, could not,

those who could,

did not have control

They defaulted to the laws of your lands

I couldn’t’ fault them for my own debt

I just wish I got to dui dui properly

But even still, you had the best of your southern

& northern families collect my things

their kindness had no limits, nor an ask in my need


Indeed, I got the welcome back note

Forgiving my inept mistake

And when I return, will make warm embrace

To your folk, And cold drinks over our jovial reunions

With kindred neighbors who never left

With talks we didn’t get to have

Over kaas and bier, warm drink,

whose tastes I haven’t had in far too long


While I know things have changed between us

Know I still hold you in strong, warm regards

That a little bit of you goes with me

And when I bike in the cool breeze

will reminisce of your lessons over the grachts,

the memories from dancing pleins, het strant, grotemarkts

and rest of the low lands below the seas


Notes: (Dutch to English)

Kaas : Cheese

Bier :   water …:P,  Beer

Dui : informal goodbye

Gracht : Canal


DeLargoHaleine-Highline Pano

Why do you, newly moved to NYC, call yourselves transplants?

Did a palm reading reveal that you are tissue-soft like organs?

Is it because dependent people back home, don’t always treat you well?

So you rebel and act up, even when they do respect?

Or is it because you eagerly rush to do others good,

On a prioritized list of places on where to travel next?

Or is because you’re committed to helping the city thrive, where

others could no longer live inside this fatigued Eastern body?

Or is it because you court the prolonged embrace of this costly host

Despite the risk of being rejected after entering the party?

Or is simply that you hastily arrived overnight

stuffed inside a frigid interstate vehicle or locomotive?

Or is this all a mistake and you’re more like moles?

That have popped up in bubbles around the globe

Taking up the hill but leaving transient mountains behind

Now wishing to call NYC your home, land

A land that has changed and joined many hands

If so, just before you try to swear the City oath

let me ask on behalf of la Ciudad de Nueva York


Can you survive the surcharge of tardy subway rides?

The drunken nights with platform pizza stealing rats?

Not smiling at strangers and dodging stalkers when you do?

Maintaining the line of sight with inanimate objects?


More importantly,

Can you educate those former hiking legs,

to walk like you have somewhere to be?

dial 13 on the inner-surfer subway hotline,

learn how not to step on these feet?

And if you sit by empty seats,

hang up and give your mom a call

Be reminded to give it up for those that can really use it

Be reminded not to man-spread or adolescent sprawl

As you trip with headphones over ears and book in hand

Can you break the romance with ads and start to people watch?

Can you pause and see how segregated we are along these stops?

And when you do need to leave

can you get up 2 minutes before?

Say excuse me as you go,

And before exiting…



And up the steps, can you ask to carry the carriage or the bag?

Not caring for age, race, sex, religion

or if the baby is heavy

or if the buyer’s in drag?


Can you learn to feel for those you see in need and read about,

give to some in different ways but not to everyone?

Can you see famous folk drunk off meat-packing booze?

and in the same fashion, dawn

an “I want to be like them” cloak

with matching “I can care less” shoes?



Can you stop with SOBRO, FIDI, and creating more acronyms?

Can you stop with tacos are life, because your friend looks Mexican?

And on your block when it’s hot

can you not file a complaint against Mr. Frosty and Co.**?

Can you sleep through the weeknights when they’re playing dembow?


And at the new place where Yankees lay their dome

Can you watch Déjà Vu without getting headspins?

Can you bump NYC b*tche$ without feeling offended?


And when we talk about travel

Can you not talk about it as if it’s a rite of passage?

While fearing the walking living outside your surroundings?

And when you do go passed your neighborhood radius

Can you walk with confidence not entitlement? With awareness not arrogance?


And if you can answer all these things for yourself

maybe you can survive the many mallet swings of these 5 boroughs

You can go from organ, to little mole to person instead

You can call yourself a new New Yorker






Guidance by K.Wong

la Ciudad de Nueva York (Spanish for): The City of New York

** Mr. Frosty or Softee, Though noise comes with the territory, it’s fair to say that there some legitmate arguements for balancing it out, ones that can be approached with humilty not legality.

**Summer guide coming in May**

When they curve you

Ask yourself, what you did or didn’t do? then laugh

for there is humor worth having and a life worth enjoying

beyond the 5.5 and 13.3 inches in your hands and lap^


For one, think about how much you saved

Both the money in the bank and time you didn’t misspend

All the digital Double Dutching you will skip out of

All those poems you can pour yourself into

Then mix nutty things in like a carrot cake by VC Park


Think about all the stored energy for the thing you longed to do

All the model boats, games and trains you can now finish

Your crocheting and customizing that needs polishing,

The Dj-ing and producing that need dedicated ears and hands

The self-development class you’ve been wanting to take

The painting that needs your wine induced brushing


Think about all the untouched pages you can comb through now

All the hours to spend selectively sifting through volumes

graphic novels, Street Dreams magazine and scholarly articles


Think about all the travel you can do again

All the things you will see and experience with local peers

All that times you hoped to finally return Japan’s^^ call

To think you almost thought to disconnect your phone


Think about the job you didn’t have to put work into

All the unappreciated effort for undervalued things over extended hours

The micromanagement & microaggression you exhaled profusely about in the bathroom

The hope pressed against the ceiling too close and too late for you to see

The wondering whether taking a slippery leap, is worse than sticking around for a check


Think about all the false friendship you almost made

The ones you would seek to move within platonic boundaries

That would benefit the most from your doubts

That would tectonically shift and tecktonikally dance* around you without a care


Think about all the food places you were about to give up

All the groceries that you would’ve purchased for special occasions

Those thankless vegan meals you don’t have to cook for two

Those dishes no-one else volunteered to clean

The less than whole food chicken you ate one too many times

When you settled for the head and denied your body


Think about all the uneven thinking you don’t have to do

All the cringy gift-giving gestures you don’t have to dismiss

The exceptions to the rules you don’t have to make because

you will no longer be taking your glasses off, when tallying your self-worth


Think about all the arguments you avoid

All the dramatic non-sense and their toll,

the plan B’s you didn’t have to buy

Or the guilt for making her take one,

knowing what it does to her body,  knowing what it does to your soul


Think about all the doubt that never really left

but you suppressed from the beginning

All the questions on whether s/he’s the one and why

All that time you eagerly submitted

like this was a test you thought you did good on

Like this was a Muh-Muh-Ah match that you didn’t care to win


And while you think of all of this

Remember there is more than the things you avoid

Think that even when Andy** dealt his 2nd nastiest pitch

Someone would hit the next one out the park

So, remember when they curve you

Shrug it off, switch your stance

dig deep in that plate,

ready your next swing

be you, be great!





^ Average 2018 smartphone and laptop screen sizes

^^Because Japan is awesome, but insert the travel destination you hope to visit

*No offence meant to all Tecktonik lovers, I actually think it’s pretty dope.  Merci French friends for the intro 😀

** Any Pettitte, #46, NY Yankees, enough said 😀