Be to your partner what a nose ring is to their face
Confidently displaying what confidence your partner brings
More than an ornament too an already bejeweled lace
More than a statement piece
More than a metal thing
Be a shiny statement of stylized rebellion without the trend
A matching set of matte memos that tell the world
The self work
Was already in motion
the outward love
is already in play

 Be the lighter that sparks the fuel 
In your partner's tank of confidence
To wholeheartedly pursue
their  brightest ideas without regret
Be the cenicero too
for the loosies
that didn't make it to the mouth
Be the place
where the old ashes rest through
new clouds of strong pulls
that work themselves out

Cenicero (Esp) : Ashtray

Be the Palette Advocate
that will swiftly, carefully
scratch away the wet
From your muse’s face
And steadily, thoughtfully
bring on the best
with the dry brush ends
Texture the blush to your Cónyuge
These vivid pastel pom-poms
support the pastille dreams
Comfortable as the foam you rest on
with humid bristles, humbly
realize the moon lit mattress
Then Glaze, repeatedly
the shadows of love and hope

Cónyuge (Esp.)  : Partner, Spouse, significant other
Reference to sgraffito, dry-brushing, watercolor , glazing